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August 26, 2007

Starting a business…

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So whatever posessed you to try and start an online yarn shop you ask???  Hmmm.  Good question.

This idea has been sort of brewing in my head for quite some time now.  I love yarn.  I love hand dyed yarn.  I have always wondered how the dyer decides on the colorway, the striping pattern and stuff like that.  I started looking in books and online for information about how yarn is dyed and found, much to my surprise, that it is not a very complicated process.  One day I decided to give it a try.  My first attempt was with sugar free Kool-Aid.  Not a big success.  I made ugly, muddy colored skeins of yarn that never saw a knitting needle.  Then I stumbled upon acid dyes.  The name alone was intimidating.  Acid??….Hydrochloric acid??  Stomach acid??   What kind of acid?  I read a little further and discovered that the acid is nothing more than white vinegar.  Well that’s not too scary.  So off I went to mix up a lovely vinagrette for my undyed yarn.  The results were bright and vibrant and totally what I was looking for.  I found my dye.

At this point I was still thinking along the lines of a hobby.  I could dye my own yarn, knit my own socks and be a happy dyeing knitter.  Then my family and I went to the Mass. Sheep and Wool Festival in the Berkshires near where my younger brother lives with his wife and kids.  I was totally overwhelmed by the yarns, sheep, roving and spinning wheels that I saw.  I met great people who loved yarn and fiber and knitting as much or more than I did.  I walked around feeling as though I had found my people and my place. 

So basically this summer has been a summer of learning and experimenting.  The learning had  a lot to do with how one goes about starting a small business.  Many issues popped up.  Web hosting company, payment gateway, merchant services account, incorporate….These were all terms that were very new to me.  Where to find wholesale yarn, where to find an inexpensive source for acid dyes….I had no clue.  I have learned everything by stumbling and bumbling around until I stumbled upon the answer to the question or found the thing I was looking for. 

I also learned how to put together a website.  I used a web hosting company that offered templates and training videos.  I spent a better part of the summer sitting in front of my computer with the training video in one window and my developing site in another.  As soon as the guy in the video told me to do something he was immediately put on pause and I switched windows and did exactly what he said.  Immediately!  I have a brain like a sieve.  If I waited more than 3 seconds, whatever he told me was gone and then I would have to watch the whole thing again.  Learn by doing.  It might not have been the most efficient way to pull this together, but it worked for me.

I need to thank everyone who sent me words of good luck and good wishes.  I appreciate them all.  I also appreciate everyone who said they would pass along the news of my new store along to any of their yarn loving friends.  Thanks for helping me get the word out!


August 22, 2007

And we’re off!

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Welcome to the SpinningYarnsOnline Blog.  Hopefully you found us by clicking on the link at our new online store http://www.spinningyarnsonline.com.  I have been working on this project for the better part of the summer.  If you go check out my new store you will find lots of hand dyed yarns, some yarns that I have spun on my trusty spinning wheel, some cool knitting bags and some other fun little accessories.  I’ll be using this blog to let everyone know what is going on in the world of SpinningYarnsOnline.com.  You can use this blog to let me know what colorways or types of yarns you would like to see.  If you like what you see at SpinningYarnsOnline.com, please share our link with a friend.  I am looking forward to hearing from fellow fiber fanatics and “spinning some yarns” together.

Carolyn R.

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