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September 7, 2008

Make Hay While the Sun Shines…

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It’s September now.  How the heck did that happen?  Two minutes ago it was the beginning of August.  So my kids finished camp and then we had a few weeks until school started.  We hung out, did some back to school shopping and then went up to the Berkshires to visit my brother and his family on their farm.  I would love to show you the pictures but I need my husband to show me how to download, upload or whatever pictures from the camera using some cords instead of just taking card thingy out of the camera and putting it in the card thingy slot in the front of the PC and letting the computer do its thing.  It seems that if you yank out the printer cable from the front port and shove your iPod charger cord in its place too many times, you break the entire front card reader/cord port area.  Bummer.  Having teenagers is hazardous to your electronics!  As you can see from my most excellent use of computer terminology that I am quite tech savvy.  (Not!!)  Anyway, the picture tutorial will occur shortly and then I will have great pictures of sheep, cows, barn kitties, chickens, llamas and more.  There are some particularly awesome pictures of my sister-in-law driving this big tractor machine/monster with some wacky farm equipment working behind it.  Apparently she was raking the hay.  I have a rake to rake leaves and this thing attached to the tractor was quite a bit more involved than that.

My brother is usually a pretty mellow guy.  Throughout his childhood my parents would sit him down in the kitchen and try to yell some sense into him.  They did this (sort of) by sitting on either side of him at the kitchen table, each yelling into an ear with the hopes that he would do whatever it was that they wanted him to (or not do whatever it was that they didn’t want him to.)  It wasn’t until late in his teen years that everyone realized that Steven lived his life to the beat of his own drummer.  He basically listened to my parents and politely waited for them to finish whatever they were yelling at him about and then he would basically continue to do whatever it was that he wanted.  This allowed him to lead a very calm life.  I was always so envious of his ability to never get too worked up about anything.

So what is my point?  Well, for the first time that I can remember, I got to witness my brother have a full on freak out.  And what, you might ask, got the calmest, most mellow guy on the planet all worked up?  It was a farm related freak out.  Apparently, when you are a farmer and you have some livestock to feed over the coming winter, if you cut your hay and then you see storm clouds overhead, you freak out.  My older brother said that there is a saying something like “make hay when the sun shines”.  I had never heard that but I fully understand it now.  My brother and his wife were bale-ing the hay when the sky started to look threatening.   Apparently rain on your hay is a major kill joy.  Something about mold and not being able to feed your animals.  So my brother sent my niece running the 1/4 mile or so up from the far field to the house to come get me and my husband to help.  Hmmm.  Mr. and Mrs. Suburbia bale-ing hay.  How desperate must he have been?

On went my “poopy shoes” (as opposed to my “in the house shoes”) and a long sleeved shirt because my kids got all scratched up from the earlier haying and my husband and I went down to the farther field to “save the day”.  Again, how desperate must my brother and sister-in-law been?!!   I got down to the field first and find my older daughter (age almost 13) sitting in a truck with a total stranger man who was teaching her how to drive his big diesel truck. Fabulous.  You should have seen the look of total devastation and disappointment when I showed up because little Miss 13 going on 21 knew that the driving lessons were about to be terminated.  I introduced myself to Mr. Stranger Man whose name was Dave.  We then set about bale-ing (is it baleing?  that looks funny/wrong to me.)  I got to drive the big diesel truck while my husband, brother and Dave picked up and heaved the hay bales on to the truck.  I’ve never driven a truck before certainly not in between rows of baled hay with kids on the back stacking up the hay.  As stated above, my brother is the calm one.  I am not.  It was confirmed to me once again that I was not cut out for farm life and that I live exactly where I belong:  in suburbia.  Amazingly, we got all the baled hay into the barn/shed building that I didn’t even know they had and all was right again in the world.  Thank goodness!


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