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July 17, 2008

Thanks for Playing!

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Thanks for all the great links.  You all sure know a lot of sock pattern links!  I will announce the winners of the free yarn tomorrow.  I plan to compile a list of the links and post them here over the weekend.  Thanks for playing.


May 28, 2008

Spinning From the Haul

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I have begun spinning some of the roving that I bought at the MA Sheep and Wool Festival.  I started with the superwash merino since I have successfully spun merino before.  Here is the first bobbin-ful.

What, you don’t see a picture???  That’s because WordPress is not letting me insert pictures into my post today.   If there was a picture, you would see that I have spun a beautiful bobbinful of a greyish, purple-ish tweedy yarn with some flecks of yellow and green.  I plan on spinning another bobbin and then plying them together to make a nice worsted weight yarn.  I’m not a very experienced ply-er so any tips from you spinners out there would definitely be appreciated.

A quick store update, the new colorway Confetti is a big hit.  I have sold almost the entire first batch.  I will be painting/dyeing another batch soon.  Since I am using a different (and slightly more complicated) painting process, the next batch might be slightly different.  I will update the picture on the website and here (hopefully) accordingly.  Thanks to all you Confetti lovers out there!

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